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About Us

NETWORKRabbit was founded to provide the Kushiban community a source of reliable news and information about their homeworld; Kushibah as well as other Kushiban related activities going on in the galaxy. As the Kushiban explored the galaxy the Network began to expand its remit to include all relevant news in the galaxy.

Today NETWORKRabbit stands as a pinnacle of journalist ingenuity as it provides content through multiple mediums including radio and podcasts and provides up-to-date news for all sentients.

NETWORKRabbit is an entirely Kushiban operated company. It is neutral and not aligned to any particular organization, alliance or government.


Exo Mirax

Exo Mirax is the CEO of NETWORKRabbit. He is also the primary writer and journalist for the Network. He is also responsible for the NETWORKRabbit Radio. If you wish to discuss advertising on the radio or being part of any new radio show than please contact him.

Ramekin Mirax

Ramekin Mirax is the Editor-in-Chief of NETWORKRabbit. She is also responsible for the sales and Kushiban community projects. In addition to this she is responsible for the NETWORKRabbit Podcasts and web based advertisements. If you wish to be interviewed for a podcast or if you wish to use our web based advertising please contact Ramekin for more information.


BANNER SCHEME – We offer sponsorship on our website, radio & podcasts. Prices start from 5 million credits for minimal sizes banners up to 30 million credits for the prime front-page location. If we make the advertising for you this will cost an additional fee dependent on what package you need.

GNS PROOFREADING – Before posting your GNS article stop and ask yourself one question; Does it need a review before it enters into the public domain? You might not think so, but many writers fall foul of not having their article have one last review before releasing for public consumption and critical analysis. Save the hassle of being at the brunt of critics by having our bunnies review your material before it releases!
PRICE: Starting at 5,000,000cr

MARKETING/CULTURAL ARTICLES/HOLOCRON – Our writing team will be more than happy to put together a marketing campaign for your recruitment needs or even to put together cultural articles that can enhance your own website. Also if you don’t have much time we can also revise or create holocron biographies that enhance and improve what already exists.
PRICE: Starting at 10,000,000cr

Sysat T-20
Sysat T-24

DATACARDS – Legend has it that TriNebulon News declared access to these Sysat datacards for free. Shili Free Press has continued that legacy as some kind of life-debt for the tradition started by Ulrike. NETWORKRabbit therefore competes with SFP by also providing these datacards for free whilst accepting a donation for the privilege of having bunny configured satellites. They will highlight all forms of lettuce, carrots and definitely grass and can absolutely find your ship, or other people’s ships lurking about!