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Chimaera Consulting amongst top 5 security companies at expo

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NETWORK – This week Chimaera Consulting was ranked amongst the top 5 security companies of Year 20 at the latest Security & Stability Expo held on Corellia.

Chimaera was pipped to the top spot by CorSec who have held a steady consistency in awards since their founding in Year 0. However what was noticeable about this years voting was how quickly recognized Chimaera was for its approach and work towards ensuring a safer and more stable galaxy.

Having existed for over a year, Chimaera markets itself as a consulting firm which trains and supports already established governments and authorities from the possibility of being de-stabilized. They provide top of the range training and guidance as well as provide practical solutions for the every evolving nature of hostilities that exists in the galaxy.

The timing of this expo has proved interesting as this week Sanctuary Prime announced a war on the human race which will no doubt cause an upswing of independent planetary authorities from seeking out trained experts to protect their interests.

Whilst Chimaera may feel the sting of not receiving the number one spot it was noted by one security advisor who said “Chimaera Consulting have come along way much quicker than other counterparts such as Galactica Security Services or the Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums who have divested interests beyond just security and client-based consulting. Chimaera have focused on what they know and are good at and have improved in their fields without having to divert their recourses into what might be considered unnecessary ventures.”

Next year may prove to be the tipping point for Chimaera as they hope to beat CorSec from their top spot. Corellians and other worlds everywhere eagerly wait to see what the next 12 months will bring for galactic security and innovation.

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