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CORELLIAN CRISIS – The Cost of Conflict

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CORELLIA – It has been nearly a week since the conflict arose within the Corellian Sector when Neria Derycke betrayed the Galactic Empire and began a guerrilla war against the Empire through various systems in the Corellia Sector with the aid of Flower Company.

Though the conflict initially started between CorSec and the Empire, it would appear that other groups who once stood beside CorSec have had their worlds shaken. The likes of DEEPCORE Mining Corporation and its sister company DEEPCORE Recycling, two companies that originally worked alongside CorSec, are giving the impression that they were not in agreement with Neria or her groups movement. Both companies report this week that all futures sales have been halted until this situation is revolved.

“The Corellian Crisis”, as some in the galaxy have termed it, is showing to be more complex than just a simple case of a leader turning on her superiors and going rogue. Many are saying that it shows the actions of someone who made a rash decision after a period of hiatus without properly thinking through the consequences of her actions. It has even been speculated that the former leader of CorSec was manipulated by her partners in crime.

NETWORKRabbit interviewed the leader of DEEPCORE Mining Corporation, Musashi Kensen. When asked about what the situation was for the company he replied, “It’s madness. Many ships have been appearing in system. My whole operation is under shields and I can’t access them. I’ve told my staff to clear out of Xyquine until things settle. I’m still in the system moving ships out to our nearby space hub. It’s pure damage control on my end. Just trying to stay alive, keep my people safe and hope I can recover my business when it’s all over.”

When asked if he has managed to find out who owns the shields, he told us “I’ve no idea. My business partner deals with Imperial relations, I handle CorSec relations so I don’t know the impact but I believe the system we were building up for them is in lockdown.”

We also asked how much this has cost his business financially. “At this point, sales wise, maybe 300 to 400 million, pre-sales and pending orders. I had just got a load of fresh materials when this happened.”

Finally we asked if Neria Derycke had offered him any compensation as a result of her actions and he just said “Neria hasn’t contacted me about it.” He then added that he was “hopeful once the dust settles something can be reached.”

It would appear that for the trustworthy trader the cost of this conflict has created its own crisis for their business. Whilst DEEPCORE may have been impacted the most, many are feeling the sting of what this has done to them. Most are just trying to stay afloat long enough to implement an alternative plan while others, sadly, have seen their businesses go under. Whilst we wait to see the full outcome of this situation many companies will feel the strain of this crisis.

In response to recent events, the Galactic Empire asserted control over the remaining CorSec worlds. All administrative control of them was handed to Imperial authorities. The Empire has yet to release a statement as to the situation on the ground.

How has this impacted you? Are you a trader struggling to stay afloat in this crisis? Have you seen your business collapse? Contact NETWORKRabbit and share your stories with us!