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CorSec leader betrays Imperial Government

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CORELLIA – News broke today that the former leader of CorSec, Neria Derycke, was involved in an attempt to betray the Imperial Government by transferring planetary authority of CorSec planets over to a group known as the “Flower Company”. The Flower Company are believed to be aligned to a government calling themselves the Cooperative which openly supports the Galactic Alliance.

Imperial authorities released limited information which stated that they acted quickly, limiting the damage to a small number of worlds within the Corellian Sector. The systems of Xyquine, Froz, Vagran and New Plympto were affected. Local port authorities have advised citizens not to travel to the planets affected by this coup whilst active operations are ongoing.


The Flower Company purports to be the Special Operations wing of the Cooperative under the leadership of Caedmon Gaines. They are an anti-Imperial group which until recently went by the name Black Curs, an organization which was originally led by Theofan Maercan. They are alleged to have worked alongside the likes of The Krath, New Republic, Arkanian Brotherhood. Eventually they aligned themselves with The eXiles; a precursor group to The Cooperative.

It is unknown why Neria Derycke decided to engage in this kind of espionage against the Empire or what the overall purpose was to be. Speculation has arisen that the effects of the Hosnian conflict may have contributed to the overall mood of Neria, whilst others have come to a view that Neria herself became dissatisfied and has chosen to use her people as an excuse for her own personal benefit. As of writing the Galactic Empire have yet to issue a warrant or blacklist Neria for her actions. One professor at the Institute for Imperial Progressivism gave this comment: “It would appear that looking in at the way CorSec operates, there was an opportunity for Neria to come into contact with those who are not in line with current Imperial thinking. Sadly this has led to millions of loyal Imperial citizens being forcibly told that their new overlords have liberated them. It is known in the Imperial academia that those who claim to support the New Republic or their former associates may induce people into committing acts of treason through the use of Ryll or Ryll-spiked bacta products that can be found so freely on the open market.”

Authorities have not released any further information about the events that have transpired. We know that Neria is now on the run from her former Imperial allies and has now gone into hiding and those whom she has claimed to have done this for have likewise kept quiet about the incident. The Imperial Government have also been silent on the full extent with which CorSec has been damaged other than informing us that Agent Kathleen Tate has been appointed as the new leader of CorSec in order to audit the organization and assisting the Ruby Regional Government in dealing with the crisis caused by Neria.

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