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Imperial Forces render aid on Krmar II

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KRMAR II – Imperial News Service this week announced the military aid and evacuation of Fearytail civilians from the war raging on Krmar II as the Imperial Union continues its fight against the Duchy of Tolanda.

A recent addition to the Imperial Union, the Faerytail Family has been embroiled in a war on Krmar II against the forces operating under the authority of Uther von Kaldreon.

The Galactic Empire and Tresario Star Kingdom arrived to render assistance against Kaldreon’s military, stating that the evacuation of Faerytail citizens was its primary objective and territorial objectives were secondary to the operation. TSK forces were dispatched to the front lines alongside Faerytail forces in order to make incursions into Tolanda’s lines with the aim of rescuing trapped families. They also used this opportunity to build on their relationships and co-operation within the Imperial Union as they strive to defeat the forces of the Duchy of Tolanda.

Who are the Duchy of Tolanda

The Duchy of Tolanda is an authoritarian regime under the control of Uther von Kaldreon. It has had many iterations over the years. Prior to this incarnation they proclaimed themselves to be linked to the long lost “Infinite Empire” with Kaldreon proclaiming himself to be an Emperor, a title normally reserved for the Head of State of the Galactic Empire. This usurping of ideals and standards has long plagued the government’s that Kaldreon has claimed to lead. Some speculate this is linked to the paranoia and grip Uther von Kaldreon has on his citizens and administration.

Whatever the reasons may be, the Kaldreon government has long been associated with the Galactic Alliance – A collection of governments that are in direct opposition to the Imperial Union. Up until recently this alliance was backed by the New Republic until they withdrew from the Alliance over disputes to how it operated. The Duchy of Tolanda were also members who also departed over other reasons, some speculate the reasons have been linked to how they conducted themselves within the Alliance.