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Jic Uiji sits down with NETWORKRabbit

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NETWORK – Jawas are everywhere. No matter where you go in this galaxy you will always find a Jawa either musing through the local market places or trying to sell their wares to anyone with enough credits to buy them. Despite this self-sufficiency that they are often known for many Jawas in the galaxy are often treated with very little respect. As a group they might fair well amongst their peers but individually they can often suffer from prejudice, discrimination and even threats to their life and yet despite this they have enriched the galaxy with their culture and have introduced events and beliefs that have been widely accepted in the galactic consciousness. Jic Uiji agreed with sit down with us for a few minutes and discusses the Jawas view on a few things.

The first area we looked at was around Sanctuary Prime. NETWORKRabbit has noticed a growing number of Jawas support the Sanctuary Prime movement or spend a considerable amount of time around its membership. We asked Jic Uiji if the message of Grizzik Lo-Lo resonates with the Jawa community. He answered “The plight of Jawas at the hands of often human oppressors is something that we have dealt with for millennia’s. As such, what Grizzik says regarding the plight of many other non-humans at the hands of the humans naturally resonates with us, with the human occupation of much of the galaxy being clearly responsible for the suffering of billions of sentients. However, we have to disagree with his heavy handed and violent tactics. While it is important that the human regime is brought down, the path forward must be one of building us Jawas and non-humans up, rather than senselessly tearing down anything associated with humans.”

We asked him about the growth of the community and the development of the Jawa Industrial Magi and whether they feel the Zhellic’s message of Crusade put their community under threat. Jic told us “The Jawa community has been strong for millennia’s back to the beginning, the Jawa Offworld Enterprises are simply the most notable part of it in the galaxy to those off Tatooine. Additionally, the religious movement has similarly existed for millennia and is rooted in the ancient shamanic beliefs of those Jawas who have come before us. The difference is that under the Jawa Industrial Magi the beliefs are much more united, a vital part of maintaining a strong presence in the galaxy. “

“We do not feel under threat by this Zhellic Ecclesiarchy. They did not declare a crusade against us, and their faith is only losing appeal among the galactic populace as the masses realize the folly of humancentrism. As their faith falters, it seems that the faith of the Magi has only grown, with belief in the Tinkerer having begun to even spread to the humans themselves!”

“Jawa life has always been one intertwined with the divine, I can still remember the time I spent with the clan shaman on Tatooine vividly. As Jawas have taken to the stars and the traditional clan structures have been challenged, there have naturally been some major changes in how we worship and interact with the divine; however, the Jawa community is still one built on top of our relationship with the gods. As a final note, I want to add that despite my own beliefs and those of many other Jawas, Jawa Offworld Enterprises is a secular organization, we care about the work you do not who you pray to.”

Finally we asked him about his views of Tatooine. For a long time they Jawa community has been advocating the release of Tatooine from the control of the New Rpeublic and into the administration of the Jawas. We asked if he felt that one day they would reclaim the world that in their view is lost to them. He was quite candid in his response saying, “I have been an advocate for Tatooine under Jawa rule since a young age. However, I also think it is important to not understate the current period of relatively good political relations between Jawas and the government of Tatooine.”

“I remember seeing the Imperial broadcasts where they gathered up Jawas and proceeded to then burn them alive as a child, and it is clear we have come far from those days when us Jawas are able to come back to our homeland to worship how we worship, conduct our own business, and even protest for change rather than spend all our time trying to dodge Imperial or other patrols. “

“However, I would be lying if I said I did not want Tatooine to be a planet ruled by Jawas for Jawas. Despite this, we are not seeking any form of violent revolution like Sanctuary Prime advocates for. Rather, we hope that through peaceful negotiations we will in time manage to get Tatooine led by a Jawa government.”

Jic was unable to spend much more time with us and we thanked him for the time he could spend answering some of our questions. The Jawa community continues to show optimism for their future. In a galaxy of turmoil it can be so easy to lose sight of that optimism and we wish them well on their future endeavors.

In other news Lanavandar Olesa announced the Uli Memorial Swap Meet for Year 20 to be held between Day 290-299. In addition to that NETWORKRabbit reported on a cultural exchange that happened this week at their studio.