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Mek va Uil Controlled By Sanctuary Prime

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MEK VA UIL – This week the leader of the anti-human organization; Grizzik Lo-Lo announced successfully negotiating administrative control of the planetary government of Mek va Uil; a system located within the Sepan Sector. The partnership that Grizzik announced was between Sanctuary Prime and Paradox; a ship manufacturing company operated by Gamorrean Esu Kyoto.

Grizzik praised Esu’s commitment and ambition towards the goal of an end to Human endeavors saying, “Together with our fellow brothers and sisters in Paradox we created an unbreakable Alliance. The base of our operations now is solely from the Mek Va Uil system. With that being said allow me to introduce Gamorrean Warlord Esu Kyouto. Without him and his Clan this dream of a human free future would not have gone even half this far. “

Grizzik further stated the necessity of initiating what he called the “extermination protocol” calling to arms all non-humans living within the Sepan Sector to rise up and fight the human menace. Grizzik also cited legal action against any non-human which failed to sign up for conscription and even went so far as to claim that any non-human in this position would be marked as a collaborator, a view that some non-humans have considered to be extreme given the context of what Grizzik is trying to achieve.

Sanctuary Prime operates along the doctrine of “War is Peace” and the thought that fighting the human plague will ultimately bring relief and victory to all non-humans who have been undergoing sufferings at the hands of their human masters. The recent recruitment campaign by Sanctuary Prime also highlighted this view when they specifically identified the races that are classed as humans or human originated as those up for target. The races that Sanctuary Prime are targeting are Corellian, Hapan, Alderaanian, Coruscanti, Kuati, Naboo, Thyferran and finally human.

Grizzik further went on to claim that the Sanctuary Prime movement was continuing to grow and become stronger each day so as to enable them to carry out their plans of action against human populations. Some have even reported seeing a large movement of Jawa’s amongst the Sanctuary Prime supporters as they seek to reclaim their lost homeworld of Tatooine; a planet currently under the control of the New Republic.

For now Mek va Uil is considered a haven of peace by Sanctuary Prime and provides respite for non-humans. As more join his cause or support his endeavors this sector is being branded as the only haven for all non-humans in the galaxy.

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