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Religious Leader Declares Crusade

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NETWORK – This week the religious leader of the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy; Weylin vi Cron otherwise known to his followers as the Grand Vicar Cronus IX declared across the galaxy the start of the 35th Crusade in response to the growing threat of anti-human rhetoric coming from Sanctuary Prime.

At the last session of the High Synods conclave it was determined that all who claim to follow the worship of the Thirteen are bound through their faith to rise up and fight what the Ecclesiarchy call the “heathenish terrorists of Sanctuary Prime” by advocating acts of anarchy and terrorism of their own to fight what the Zhellic see as alien oppression.

Erasmus I, the Vicar of Azurba directed part of his message directly at the inhabitants of the Sepan Sector which recently came under the control of Sanctuary Prime by appealing to the humans still in that region saying that they were not alone now that the Ecclesiarchy has taken a direct interest in restoring balance back into the favor of the human population.

It is interesting to note that this isn’t the first time humans have risen up to fight what they see as alien oppression as there have been 34 previous crusades of this sort. Looking into the historical archives NETWORKRabbit has discovered that these previous crusades link back to the Pius Dea Crusades in which humancentric religious leaders assumed control of vast military power to attack the Hutt’s who at the time were unpopular with the residents of the Core Worlds. It should also be noted that these previous Crusades occurred many millennia ago and the last Crusade ultimately led to the downfall of the Pius Dea and ended their theocratic rulership.

For the Ecclesiarchy however this call to arms is seen as a response to the escalation of tensions between human and non-human groups who vie for supremacy over each other.  The message from the Zhellic Ecclesiarchy was quite clear when the Vicar said “I call on all who count the descendants of the ancient Zhell as friends, compatriots, or allies to stand with us.  Fight against this darkness that would dare to rear its head in our galaxy.  No matter if you are an empire or a republic, an autocracy or a democracy, a monarchy or an oligarchy, I ask you to answer this call to arms. Let us end this menace.”

More on this as the story unfolds…

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