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Sanctuary Prime announces manifesto

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NETWORK – This week saw the public appearance of Sanctuary Prime’s leader Grizzik Lo-Lo.

Grizzik declared the mandate of his group saying: “The true stewards of the galaxy are here, before you. From Nal Hutta to my once proud home land of Alzoc III. Known as ‘Aliens’ to these humans, we will no longer stand idly by while they enslave and murder our families. It is time the tide shifts. Be you a Dug, Yuzzum, Ewok or Wookiee, our destiny has been a long time in the making. No longer will we bend the knee, no longer shall we turn a blind eye to these ‘vermin’. They are a plague that must be eradicated and snuffed out.”

Sanctuary Prime is an organisation that declares all humans to be overdue on justice for their decades of mistreatment of alien races. They believe that all humans should face punishment as a collective race. Any corporation or organisation that shows sympathy or works with humans have also been deemed targets for Sanctuary Primes retribution.

Since the announcement of their intent there has been some growing support for the activities of Sanctuary Prime from certain alien races however there has been relatively little word from official human groups. Some have even gone so far as to enquire what racial groups are seen as humans and what racial groups are seen as aliens. Currently no definitive list has been produced and the only comments on this has been directly related to those who identify as humans and human derived colonies such as Corellians, Alderaanians, Nabooians, Coruscanti and some select others.

Some social and racial scholars have already begun to speculate how the pro-human advocates will respond to this. Some have even gone so far as to point to this announcement as justification for what was once seen by mainstream society as extreme racial views of human superiority over aliens.

It appears for now that time will have to pass for the galaxy to see what will happen next. As it currently stands the galaxy has been put on notice as to Grizzik and his groups position on humans and those who are seen as supporting humans.

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