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Ban’s make good therapists

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KUSHIBAH – As the galaxy is beginning to get to know the Kushiban community in all its varied ways, one area of everyday living has still been relatively untouched, that of therapy. Why do Kushiban’s make good therapists and why do we need to have therapy in our lives? We’re going to explore these lines of thoughts as we consider the Kushiban Community’s first therapist, Ramekin Mirax.


Therapy is often seen as a non-essential form of being able to express and understand who we are in the galaxy that we live in. Our thoughts and feelings are often dulled and subdued with the variety of material wealth and work opportunities that exist for all sentients. Don’t like who you are? You can get cybernetics, you can reinvent your personality, you can even switch organizations. Don’t understand what you’re feeling? You can hide away on your ship, station, planet, whatever and return to civilization and society many months later. Or perhaps you could even go to the furthest of extremes, become lost in hyperspace travel by plotting distant co-ordinates into the navigational computer and reappearing into the void of nothing after many months.

In short, we are trying to cure our own problems by running away from them or drastically altering our appearance to compensate for what we are feeling inside.

Therapy seeks to help us make sense of everything without having to take such extreme measures. Whether we want to or not, we have to live in this galaxy and survive the hostilities it brings. How we go about doing that can often be what separates us from under achievers and those with low self-esteem that they exile themselves to a life of perpetual struggle.


Kushiban’s are often seen as serene sentients. They love to be playful and enjoy being within social groups and family units. This makes them ideal at being able to understand and make sense of their own feelings and thoughts. Their fur can often change color depending on their mood and it’s this very sensory understanding that enables them to really get a sense of understanding for those around them. As a result of this, Kushiban’s on the homeworld of Kushibah are very content with their lives and what their daily routine can bring. As some have left to explore the galaxy, this affinity they have can help others to come to terms with their feelings and thoughts that may stem from cultulres and social settings that are fixed and ingrained within that particular sentients psyche.

One such Kushiban, Ramekin Mirax is seeking to change the way sentients understand their thoughts and feelings. She has recently set up her business of therapy for all sentients to make use of. She is often found within the Kushiban Community being encouraging and positive and has already begun helping some outside of the Kushiban community to understand their own inner turmoil.

If you need therapy or need to make sense of who you are, contact Ramekin Mirax today!