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Cultural exchange program goes awry!

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NETWORK – This morning the NETWORKRabbit studios were taken over by young journalists as part of an inter-species exchange program between the Kushiban and various other races. Things did not go according to plan as the kids began to broadcast the news live on air from a studio that had been set up specifically for them.

It seems the Jawa’s on the exchange program had managed to access part of the broadcasting network that allows access to live transmission and began to deliver their version of the news. When Network officials discovered what had happened it was too late and the transmission had made its way across several worlds causing much confusion on the part of viewers.

“I thought that I had landed on the wrong channel!” wrote one elderly viewer who was most upset by the lack of relevant news content “I don’t want to know about proto-kool droids and how to access the fancy Twi`lek channels on my holoscreen! I just wanted the news dangit! The news!”

One mother contacted the studios shortly after airing ceased saying, “I just want to say that these younglings are most ambitious. Why I never knew that galactic law allowed them to be employed at such a young age! Aren’t they adorable? How can I enroll my children into a job at NETWORKRabbit?”

Studio technicians were most amused by the ingenuity of these young engineers, many of whom come from impoverished backgrounds and are often part of societies that are treated like outcasts. Our senior technician commented, “With enough guidance I think these younglings will become the next engineers of the Network!”

Since NETWORKRabbit’s founding the Kushiban community has experienced a rich exchange between other races in the galaxy. A senior executive said “I think these exchanges are really beneficial for the children. Look at what they can accomplish on their own. We would be happy to have more exchanges in the future.” Adding  “obviously in a more controlled environment.”

For now this blip caused a light-hearted day at a job that can often be quite demanding. Once the error had been fixed and the controlled studio returned to its original settings the younglings continued to have a fantastic time learning about journalism and what opportunities they can have. Everyone had the opportunity to be a presenter and behind the holo-cameras and some even learned how to edit and publish content.

NETWORKRabbit assures its viewers that broadcasting has resumed as normal and your daily newsfeeds will continue to provide you with the best content across the galaxy!

Were you affected by this interruption? Did you understand what was going on? What has been your response to finding out about the fancy Twi`lek channels? Contact NETWORKRabbit and share your experience with us!