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SPORTSNET! – Speaking with the Sevarcos Ugnaughts

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NETWORK – We sat down with the owner and manager of the Sevarcos Ugnaughts; Carl Warrington about his teams prospects for the SBL-7 season. The Ugnaughts were one of the last entries into the registration pool and finally being confirmed a couple weeks ago by Tolando Krieg and we wanted to find out more about what Carl feels his team can bring to this season and where his chances lay.

We asked him how he felt about the Ugnaughts chances now that all the teams have been confirmed and the team’s chance of taking the winning price this season. He told us “In our first season the Ugnaughts are confident in our upcoming draft. We have scouted the players intensely and are confident in our evaluations. We are going to let the draft come to us and trust in our scouts.”

We also asked him what he thinks he can bring to this season ad what has been learned from previous seasons. He said, “We believe we have learned the importance of a quality kicker. This is a position we will emphasize in the draft.”

There are only three weeks left before Draft Day Tuesday. The Ugnaughts have been working hard to put their talents into play and they show no signs of backing down. They were kind enough to give us a tour of the facilities and show off some of their latest training equipment. As we toured the facilities Carl seemed confident in his teams strengths this year and looked like a man who was craving to be the champion.

In other news, Lanavander Olesa announced the ninth season of Kriegs Run with 175 million credits being the initial prize money. The event this year is sponsored by Black Sun and will begin on Day 284. Tolando Krieg announced his retirement from active participation and handed the baton over to Lanavander. As this seasons Krieg’s Run progresses tune in to NETWORKRabbit for all of your racing news!

Do you support the Sevarcos Ugnaughts? What do you think their chances are at winning this season? Who do you feel will be their biggest rival? Send in your views to NETWORKRabbit!

Editors Note: Thanks to one particular reader of NETWORKRabbit for noticing our obvious mistake in the spelling of Sevarcos. We appreciate all our viewers for their diligence and support